Monterey Visitor Channel - Live Stream

The Monterey Visitor Channel is your source for what's going on, in and around Monterey, California. Available in-room, online, and on ROKU, the Monterey Visitor Channel provides vistors with information about what to do, what to see, and where to go in Monterey and around the Monterey Bay.

Before Your Visit: watch the visitor channel here on our 24-hour live stream to get acquainted and discover things to see and do during your stay. 

During your visit: Ask for the Monterey Visitor Channel when you check in to your hotel! Then tune in while in your hotel room for up to date info on what's happening - at your hotel, down the street, and around the region. Take a look at our list of partner hotel properties.

After Your Visit: Keep in touch with what's happening in Monterey, and dream about your next visit - here, on our Monterey Visitor Channel website, or on our live streaming ROKU app!